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A modern and fashionable reference to give your home an elegant look.
Design furniture for all your spaces, for your everyday moments.

relaxing furniture

chairs and stools




Design elements that cross and intersect with each other to create elegant and smart furniture solutions. AHD‘s relaxing furniture range is designed to bond every kind of indoor space, going from the traditional lines to the newest designs, keeping its unique style that marks and characterizes it.

The careful selection of materials, attention to details, passion and commitment are the keywords of the AHD’s relaxing furniture line.

CHAIRS​ and stools

Often used as a simple framing element, the chair is a fundamental piece of furniture for every room of your house, whether for your living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. The usually unintentional sitting gesture should rely on aesthetic and smart solutions.

Classical or modern, made of different materials and in several shapes, we bring you a chair concept that changes the space by decorating it, giving style and functionality to your home.

In AHD, design is the space where purpose and elegance meet.


The table is the central element of your living room, or a secondary component of your kitchen or office. It will always be an important item of your home that should match perfectly with the surrounding space, complementing with your other furniture, or simply as a standing out piece.

It can be round, squared, oval or rectangular, with a single central or equipped with four classical legs, made by wood, metal, glass or even mix of these materials. The choice of a table should be a moment of instinctive design.


Besides giving personality to your spaces, a design cabinet should comply with specific criteria of functionality, linked to the nature of its role. This is why we at AHD created a wide selection of furniture, in order to give you the perfect components for every room of your house, combining functionality and pleasure.

We produce a wide range of bookshelves, TV stands, shoe racks, shelves, designed to fit every kind of space, with a accurate selection of materials and a large choice of designs. All of this is our idea of design furniture for you and your home. 

We give your home the impression of who you are.


Design is the ideal place where purpose and elegance meet to shape objects.

A selection of the most representative pieces of furniture in our collections, to give you a clear idea of the commitment and passion of the company.