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Our unique design values and methods lead to well-designed furniture.
Sustainable thinking of elegance results in a respectful way to fill the space.

AHD | Design furniture for all your spaces

relaxing furniture

AHD | Design furniture for all your spaces

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AHD | Design furniture for all your spaces


AHD | Design furniture for all your spaces


In AHD, design is the space where purpose and elegance meet.


AHD was born with an idea: to bring the elegance of design furniture to your house, but considering the environment around the house. A choice that led us, over time, to carefully select the less impacting and more functional materials for our creations, in order to feel free to work on simple, modern and innovative designs, perfectly in line with the practices of the contemporary world. 

Our view of design is an idealized place where purpose and elegance meet, shaping elements that will become special pieces of furniture: a fusion of matter and form, in perfect harmony with what our clients look for while choosing a furniture design element.

In accordance with our commitment to the environment, our products are FSC certified and our corporate policy itself is about following a few simple rules to reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum. The attention to every small act in our offices, the choice of low-impact energy sources, of eco-friendly alternatives for the logistics, these are the activities that make us part of a respectful and responsible corporate ecosystem.